Book reconstruction

Book Reconstruction 



My book’s name is “blue house” written by Beidao, a poet in China, he wrote this book in American. He felt deep loneliness in this foreign country. I am in the same condition, and I feel lonely everyday after I came to New York, and I can feel the deep connection with him.
This is my final work, I think loneliness is like a shield, It protects people from forgetting who they truly are, and where they come from, so I make the booking into a round shape. Also, I crossed all words about loneliness to express the feeling of shield. The loneliness comes up at anytime, and it will embrace me suddenly, and that is the reason why I made this shape. I also want to express the invisible characteristic of loneliness, so I used silver powder. The way I use light is also to augment the feeling of loneliness


I did some experiment about the shape of the book. Because I didn’t choose a book with hard cover, so I kind of want to use this advantage.
I cut the book in different layers, and shaped them.
Because the book is too thick, the glue doesn’t work, so I used stapler to connect pages.
I crossed words about loneliness.
I added silver powder on the book.
Here is my final work, I combined different kinds of sensation in this final work. I use the sound of wind to exaggerate the feeling of loneliness. Also you can touch the wood base of my work, and you can feel the resonance of the sound, so you can feel my loneliness in different ways.

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