Circus project reflection

Circus Project Reflection

My inspiration comes from the knife throwing, I choose it because of the excitement and the danger. However, I watched a knife throwing’s accident video. The knife dropped on target girls head, I want to reflect the danger and unpredictable characteristics of this performance, so I used very vibrant color on my work. I did some research about the performance form, in the movie The girl on the bridge, I learn the death wheel performance form. In this performance, the target girl need to be on a rotating wheel, and the knife thrower will throw knives around her. In knife throwing performance today, performer will add acrobatics in their performances, so I combined Inverted the performer to throw the knives.

I used wires to make the performers because wire is stable and easy to build shapes. I also made costumes, I create the red and black red velvet tube top dress for the target girl since their job job is to attract audiences. However I made her very puffy skirt in order to keep knives away from her body, this is a protection that used by target girls today. For the knife thrower, I use a bow tie to indicate his gender. Actually most knife throwers are male because they are more concentrated.

I used wood to make the bracket because it is very light. I used to use magnet to make the wheel in order to connect the magnet knives and the wheel, but I failed, because magnets are not strong enough. I used form board instead, and change the knives into darts. I used the principle of slingshot shot darts by elastic bands. In order to rotate the wheel better, I used lazy susan turning table. It is easier for me to place it, and the wheel can turn  smoothly. I adjusted my project a lot of times, for example, the hight, the color, and the material to create a real performance.

     There are always be difficulties in a project, but the point it to solve them all, I really feel a kind of satisfaction after finishing the pieces. Patient is what I learned from this project. Also, I also learn many things behind knife throwing performance. There are so many difficulties need to be solved to make a perfect show. There are so much practice need to be done to avoid accident. There are so much passion in their heart. Only hard working make perfection.

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