Fashion Advertisement Analysis

Fashion Advertisement Analysis


This is a picture from Saint Lauren 2017. The model in this picture doesn’t show her face, but you can define her gender from her look: a super mini dress with a pair of high heels. I think this look reinforce her gender in a traditional way, since pieces she wore are typically womenswear. The only masculine element in this advertisement for me is the leather fabric for the dress, but associates with the decoration of ruffles and the mini dress form, you can hardly notice this masculine element. Also, even the pose of the model is not very exaggerate, but you can feel the sexiness in it. Her slightly curved and twisted waist, and her super mini dress makes people have the urge to spy under her skirt. This is the reaction we normally have for women. I think this advertisement not just imply her gender facially, but also stimulate our reaction towards it in a psychological way“ From a perforative perspective, gender can be described as a way of repeatedly styling the body”, just like this advertisement, the model is actually performing, and the dress is a costume to help her express her gender. I think gender is styling this dress also. This look is appealing for audience because of model’s female character. If a man wear this look and do this pose, you might feel it is weird, because this is not the performing way for man. This is the typical style for women in a traditional way. I Saint Lauren always gives us the feeling of cool girl, and this look not just express the female character, but also combines the sexiness and uninhibited of women. 





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