Reflection for the interview

Intro to fashion

Reflection for the interview

Rita Zhou
Interviewee: Yang Shao

I think this interview inspired me a lot, I found lots of unexpected details of people’s daily dress practice. I think the theme of my interview is time. Since Yang apply in several positions, for example: she is a mother and a business women, therefore, she has very limited time compared with me. Her daily dress routine are highly effected by time, she plans for her look before get ready, and she always choose clothes that are comfortable, easy to put on,  and can fit different styles. Also her way of clean up her closet is very efficient since she can’t put place too much attention on her closet, just like mention by Sophia Woodward from her book Why Women Wear What They Wear: “ The lack of time to organize the wardrobe often leads to clothing being stuffed rather than folded of items such as handbags and shoes colonizing the undesignated areas of the wardrobe 1.” Time not just effect people’s daily dress practice, but also the way we clean up our closet, in Yang’s case, she kind of sort out her clothes every time when she put them back, so she don’t need to arrange them regularly.

CLothes that Yang wears most recently
There are many unexpected ideas arise during the interview. For example, Yang cares a lot about the fabric of her clothes, and they are mostly in linen or cotton, since they are natural fabric and comfortable.  I think her choice is effected by her positions a lot since she works for long time everyday, she need clothes that are comfortable. Also, yang has a dog, so she needs to takeover dog out every morning, so she needs garments that she can wear when she run and walk with her dog. Pet makes her more care about our relationship with nature and sustainability in my opinion since she get connection with nature more often than other people who doesn’t have pet in my opinion ( she walks her dog everyday at park near river). I do care about the fabrics of my clothes also, since my major is fashion design, but in the opposite, it is hard for me to think about it in a sustainable way, I would just choose garments that made with special fabrics, some of these fabrics might not even environmental friendly. Another interesting idea is that my mom sometimes choose Qipao as her outfit when she meet her clients( who are mostly comes from foreign countries) . She wants to show her culture from her dress. Since yang is a businesswoman, it is important for her to let the clients remember her, Qipao is great way of showing herself and make her special compare to others. I think I have the same idea with Yang. I choose a lot of garments that have Chinese elements on it. I think culture impact people’s dress practice in different positions since this identity comes with everyone, and kind of effect us through culture and society.


Yang’s QIpao
This interview makes realized that the relationship between body with clothes is beyond daily dress practice. It has more mental meanings than I used to think. We wear clothes at the same time create memories and experience different things with them, they are one of the most private and inseparable things for us. Therefore, people normally won’t throw their used clothes away ( like Yang and myself).

1.Sophie Woodward,  Why Women Wear What They Wear, 2007

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