What is fashion

what is fashion?

I feel fashion contains more meanings for me than the semester starts. I think, first of all, fashion relates to society in different ways, it relates to the economy, religious, and genders…Fashion is not just about designers designing clothes, but a long and complicated process with a large amount people participate in it. From social demand to design, and then to production.

Now when I think about fashion, I would connect it more with sustainable. Fashion creates too much damage to our nature. Also, fashion is about class in different ways. People in different class wear different clothes, fashion decides class, at the same time, different classes give fashion new definitions. Also class exists in the fashion industry, from designers m, buyers which are high class to factory workers which are lower class. Fashion is also about identity, it can give people new identities, it blurry the boundary between gender, sexuality, and class…people can be free to express themselves through fashion. Also, people use their style redefinition fashion.

Also, fashion is about time, time is about the trend. The different time period has diverse if style and trends. Fashion is the signature of a time period, it is present and history. We learned from history, at the same time create new things.
Fashion is not the beauty clothes show in the runway, but really close to our daily life. Fashion is about aesthetics, the way we choose to present. Everyday life relates to fashion because it is impossible that we don’t wear clothes when we go out. Sometimes, we create fashion unconsciously, fashion also affects us in

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