Week1: Reflection to article: Cities, disasters, and climate risk

Reflection on the article: Cities, disasters, and climate risk


“Australian World Heritage Sites at Special Climate Change Risk- International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN).” Antinuclear, 15 Nov. 2017, antinuclear.net/2017/11/15/australian-world-heritage-sites-at-special-climate-change-risk-international-union-for-conservation-of-natureiucn/.

Climate change is always a big problem in our society today due to the fast elopement of our society. However, I didn’t expect climate as a system is affected by so many aspects, like energy demand, also how fragile it is before I read the article. We always urge the government to make changes and issues regulations for solving the problem of climate change. However, we might not realize climate as a system is very sensitive, changes take a long time and we can’t predict the result. Also, climate change is connecting with the city closely. The associated effects are even more uncontrollable. This idea reminds me of an event happens in Beijing which is one of the most polluted cities in China. When the Secretary for the Environmental Protection Bureau takes charge, he assured the public to rectify the air pollution problem and strive to complete all the rectification by 2020. This is like a 4 years plan. This incident received warm acclaim from the public but with the idea of critical observations from the article. I think we as citizens should also encourage our government to focus more on risk assessments, not just focus on solving this problem in the fastest way. We need to learn from the experiences and combines special conditions in different regions for making these changes.

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