Tool Kit Proposal

Sustainable Toolkit

Fast fashion system

Main goal: How to Buy less, choose well, make it last.



-A Toolkit to teach people how to shop fast fashion in a sustainable way.

I am a fashion design major students, I have a specific way of choosing clothes when I go shopping. I do shopping in fast fashion brand and I have to admit that fast fashion provides people access to beautiful and trendy clothes at fairly low prices. I understand the overconsumption that existed in the fast fashion system. Therefore I am more cautious with my own choice. Because I have certain tricks for choosing clothes at fast fashion brands. My usage of these clothes are actually pretty frequent, and they actually last. Shopping in fast fashion brand sustainable can be super easy. However, for normal people, they don’t have the knowledge base like me, so they might make some poor choices when they purchase in fast fashion brand. This Tool Kit is a solution for people to waste their money on fast fashion clothes, and to help them save more money.


Survey for fast fashion consumers



1. what kind of clothes exist most in your closet?

2. What poor shipping choice you usually make when you shop fast fashion

3. What is the frequency of shopping fast fashion

4. Will you return these clothes when you find they don’t suit you? What is your solution to depose these clothes?



Problems to solve:

Overall problems exist during shopping in fast fashion brands

1. Size– inappropriate size make people not be able to wear them but still doesn’t dispose of them

2. Quality– Fabric, – actual fabric people don’t know the composition of the fabrics, and some fabrics actually have some negative effects on our body. People with sensitive skin can get allergy.

Fit different people- no limitation to gender and age. Maybe think about gender since men and women have different opinions about clothes



In order to solve these questions that cause waste,

there are things I plan to put in the tool kits

1.needle – to adjust the size

2.tape measure – to measure the size

3. swatches ( fabric) -feel the fabric

4. checklist

5. safe pins

6. size comparison list

Design Points

Apart from the contents in the Tool kit, there are some qualities that I think should be included for the design.

  • Portable (small, easy to carry when people shopping)
  • Fashionable (good looking, maybe like an accessory)
  • Natural fabric (sensitive skin friendly)


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