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Reflection- Climate change, water, and wastewater in cities

I  think the water use cycle picture really explain the whole process of how water comes and goes in the city,  I didn’t know how vulnerable the system is, and how climate change impacts it in multiple ways.  Especially its effect on the groundwater which is citizens drinking water supply. It is not a direct affection, but an indirect process. Therefore, since the system is connected, therefore, one small problem will affect the whole system and goes deep in different small sections.

The unbalanced water resource is a huge problem, a large area in the world has not built up a complete water transportation system. From the map, there are many built-up areas for water transportation around the Lagos Lagoon, however, even many cities close to Lagos Lagoon haven’t built up the system. Future planning is the key to this problem. How to plan the constructions is important and it is a long way to go. Also, this unbalance problem existed in many countries including my cities. In the Eastnorth part of China, water is a precious and limited resource, in order to balance it, the government transport waters from the north. However, since the government didn’t monitor the process, some south part of China starts to short of water. Also, it affects people’s daily life.

I think one of the most important parts is how to invest and adopt changes in water supply. Since the water system is a huge system, and small details effects all, therefore, it is important for us to manage it incautious. I think using a model is a smart way to try different possibilities for solving and managing the problem. After making changes, the monitor is another important step, the data can be super valuable for planning the next step.

In all, I think the solution and steps of managing climate affect water system’ s problem can be also used in other system problem.

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