Visit to UN

Reflection of the visit to the UN


I never relate the UN with design, I always this is a boring place with tons of meeting. However, as the first time actually gets in it’s building, there are so many details and beauties in its architecture and interior design.

The lecture starts with Finn Juhl’s design, the council chamber in the UN, The interior design is full of elements of color, geometric shapes, and lines. I think the UN is really respecting the designer as they restore the Chamber, I still remember what the organizer said: we want to restore it in Finn Juhl’s way. Therefore, they keep all the original decoration and reconstruct the layout. The idea was to transform the hierarchy shape of seats into a balanced layout. Also, the seat in the Chamber is also interesting which is designed by two young designers, I think the intention is really good to promote young designers. I think their design collaborate with Finn’s design so well, I can feel the connection of lines. I think these designs make this space interesting and vibrant since this is a space for sharing ideas and create better environments for the future. The design is also the same. I think what the dean of fashion design program said was really important: we need to know why we design, what are our intention, we need to take this responsibility when we are designing. Sustainable is an important part.

To be honest, I always designers duty is to create beautiful things, however, after this class, I realized that it is a more meaningful job. We are designing for the community and we should take this responsibility. To really think about the meaning and intention of design and doing it in a sustainable way. My next step will start to use natural materials as much as possible and to remember what I am chasing for.


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