Capitalism Hot or Not


I think after the class, Capitalism for me is not just an economic and political system anymore, I think I would like to understand it more as a “personality”. I feel people within this group all have some special personality. They live at another level of the world, and they can access things and privileges that normal people just don’t have. It is about hierarchy, and they are at the top of the pyramid. The pyramid of the society that judged by capital, not fame, not social value, but pure capital. I really like the question that mentioned during class: Are these people really successful? What is the definition of success? I think it really depends on what type of value you cherish as your goal. Capitalism is definitely capital. It is about control the money, control the market, and at last, control the society.

I think people are all value capital since this is an inseparable element with our society and I think it is capital makes our society function in some way. The video that we watched about Kim Kardashian was a good prove of the importance of capitalism. Her lifestyle is full of capitalism and that allows her to involve in another level of society. A society that all other elements are blurred, only Capitalism shines. It is not a colorful world in my opinion. However, I still love the show just as many people do because I think it shows the reality and personality of capitalism. It is a reality show, and so many people judged them “fake”. In the opposite, I think it is so real. It shows the essence and relationship between capitalism with life. They do live hard in my opinion, they must have a great business mind to market themselves( I feel market a people is the hardest), and they must take the pressure. People curious about this capitalized life, and they need to show the pure sense of this word’s personality. They are not just representing themselves, but Capitalism

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