Yiren Zhou



I really like this movie, one of the biggest reason is that the director used an artistic and beautiful way to tell a cruel fact: global warming. I thought this is going to be a sad story. However, this is a story with love and with hope. This is a huge problem at the same time, it is so small that relates to everyone.

We all know the fact that goal warming is caused by a developed country, but people who are not responsible for this  are suffering from global warming. This is a problem of capitalism.

We are always taking from nature, using the resource. We are drinking water from nature, we are farming, fishing, and foraging, and we are taking resources every day. This is an action that relates to our daily life, and that leads to the big problem that is climate changes. What if we change our action, just a little bit, then maybe people from the other side of the world will suffer a little less. One person can do a lot.

This is a social problem, and it can be solved by the whole society. I really like the quote from the movie: “What if global warming is not just a crisis, but a chance for us to build a better world?” The action of people all around the world gathering together fighting for those companies that overuse the resources, fighting for the injustice in climate change problem. This is an action showing we are not just thinking about ourselves, but others, but nature.

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