Open Garden Experience reflection

Open Garden Experience 

After researching the project, I think this is a project educational, experimental, and interesting. I always feel building a project about sustainable is harder than construct a normal project, since it has to be attractive so that people will like to take part in it. I think the open garden is a great example.

I really like the idea of collaboration artists with different communities, since all the communities have their own characteristics. In this way, folks will be more willing to participate in this project because this shows part of their family and daily life.

Also, take part in the process of growing and cultivating plants is alas a fun, educational and interactive experience. You can know the knowledge of soil, of the nutrition. This is a topic relates to our daily life. I think nowadays, we can have access to things so easily, and we are not precious our nature, but just constantly extracting resources from it. I learned from the website that growing a plant that we can eat every day is not an easy thing. You need to think about lots of things. For example, the soil is the key and the base for growing plants. However, the nutrition form the soil will be used by the plants. Also, you need to provide fresh oxygen for the plants. Soil also can be polluted easily. This is directly related to our health, to the next generation, to the future.

I think using art is a powerful tool for gathering people. I think this project is similar to the idea mentioned in “ this changes everything”: even though there are so many crises in the world, but we can fix it together as a group. We as a society is powerful and creative. It is our duty to make this world a better place. It is a big goal, but little by little, it is also small.

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