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No slave, less waste but future


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Chinese Labor Union

Chinese Environmental protection organization

Blog right defense organization


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Official Email: wqw2011@gmail.com

Introduction of organization: As for the human rights problems in mainland China, especially in the manufacturing industry, this is a spontaneous media organization expose the problems in China’s manufacturing sector, as well as current cases. On this platform, workers can get legal help and expose the widespread problem of excessive slave labor in Chinese factories

Protestors support the striking Jasic factory workers outside a police station in Pingshan district, Guangdong, China, August 6 2018. (Reuters / Sue-Lin Wong)


Since I don’t want to have a too vague goal, so the first place for announcing this policy and Toolkit will be in China. Since this country still produces most of garments for fast fashion brands and have serious problem with dispose issues for the environment. Also, China don’t have a government, official union for Labor to pull or their unfairness, therefore, I can only work with non -profiting, non- governmental organizations listed before.


This policy apply for factories that produce this tool kit.


Main Policy:



1.The factory can only produce quantitative waste in production process.

2.The material that factory can use can only be sustainable and natural materials that can be decomposed within 100years.

For example:


Denim( must be disposed denim, no cut of unused denim)


3. All cuts don’t need to be placed on grain or bias. The only goal is to save fabrics and produce less waste

4. Left-off fabrics must be disposed properly.

The factory have to follow the protocol of garbage classification policy, and dispose fabrics to those refuse processing plants with sustainable cautious and policies.



1.Factory only can require its workers work for  maximal 8hours a day, 6 days per week. Breaks minimal 1 hours must be provided for everyday working bases.

2.The salary for workers can not lower than the minimal requirement from Chinese Labor Policy.

3.The factory needs to provide its worker with listed insurance. The cost needs to be covered by the factory, rather than paid by factory workers.

Healthy insurance

Work accident insurance

4. Factory buildings must pass the test from the Ministry of Construction of china.

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