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Tool Kit LP

Fast fashion shopping toolkit

Yiren Zhou

A Toolkit to teach people how to shop fast fashion in a sustainable way.


Main goal: to solve the problems of over perchase and over production problem in fast fashion industry

Teach people How to Buy less, choose well, make it last when shopping in fast fashion brands

-develop a kit for a family

-Different design for men/Women/ Children

I am a fashion design major students, I have a specific way of choosing clothes when I go shopping. I do shopping in fast fashion brand and I have to admit that fast fashion provides people access to beautiful and trendy clothes at fairly low prices. I understand the overconsumption that existed in the fast fashion system. Therefore I am more cautious with my own choice. Because I have certain tricks for choosing clothes at fast fashion brands. My usage of these clothes are actually pretty frequent, and they actually last. Shopping in fast fashion brand sustainable can be super easy. However, for normal people, they don’t have the knowledge base like me, so they might make some poor choices when they purchase in fast fashion brand. This Tool Kit is a solution for people to waste their money on fast fashion clothes, and to help them save more money.


Final Outcome



Different ways of wearing it


Final presentation



I think because all the works come with a wicked problem, everyone is considering this toolkit in a social level. Also, I found some tool kits can be massively produced, for example, the phone case, the pillow. Combing the idea of solving problems with bringing profit. It is really a first step for us to explore sustainable design as a fashion student.


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