A guide to some open works references

The goal of the Open Works project is to reflect on different ideas about time that we have explored and discussed and to develop a project that builds on that knowledge. Another goal is that it is considered in a more open framework, something that acknowledges space and the role that a viewer or participant has on the work.

The following examples are a variety of approaches, or ideas worth mentioning. I have grouped them into ideas though many of them fit multiple categories. This is a starting point. To see all of the posts related to open works, click here.

Time and Performance

Time and Culture, History and Representation

  1. Paul Pfeiffer
  2. Cindy Sherman – History Portraits
  3. Greg Climer (School of Fashion Faculty) – Quilts
  4. Tony Oursler
  5. Klaus Lutz
  6. Two Trains – Sonification of Income Inequality on the NYC Subway
  7. Stas Orlowski – Chimera
  8. Pierre Huyghe – The Third Memory

Time and Material/Stuff

  1. Show Studio – Anechoic: The sound of Clothes
  2. Dylan Chandler – Objects in My House
  3. Sabrina Gschwandtner – 16mm Quilts
  4. Richard Serra – Films
  5. Sketch Furniture – Front Studio
  6. Tomás Libertíny –The Honeycomb Vase
  7. Paula Hayes – Gazing Globes
  8. Alexander McQueen – Fashion and time

Environmental Time, Long form time

  1. Robert Smithson –  Spiral Jetty
  2. The Long Now
  3. Long Player
  4. John Cage – Organ²/ASLSP (As SLow aS Possible)
  5. Andy Goldsworthy
  6. Slow TV
  7. Anthony Cerniello – Danielle

Time and Perception

  1. Monet’s Haystacks
  2. Olafur Eliasson
  3. Soo Sunny Park – Unwoven Light
  4. Spencer Finch
  5. Aisen Caro Chacin – Scent Rhythm
  6. Jim Campbell

Time and Place (and Space)

  1. Hans Op De Beeck
  2. Bjarke Ingels – the Danish Pavillion
  3. Richard Serra – Sculptures
  4. Janet Cardiff – Her Long Black Hair (sound walk)
  5. Bruce Nauman – Video Corridor
  6. Stillspotting – To a Great City by Arvo Pärt and Snøhetta
  7. Wayfinding – finding your way through space in time
  8. Adam Magyar – Stainless, 42nd Street
  9. Doug Aitken – Sleepwalkers

Time and Indeterminacy, Data, Networks

  1. Brian Eno – 77 Million Paintings
  2. Mark Dion – the marvelous Museum Project
  3. Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen – Moveable Type
  4. Daniel Canogar – Small Data and other works
  5. Listen to Wikipedia
  6. Nicolas Bernier – Frequencies (Light Quanta)



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