Export your Multitrack file as a WAV or MP3 audio file

Export a file in Audition

The final result if editing an audio project in Audition will always be a file someone can play! There are a variety of audio file formats, but two very common ones are WAV and MP3



A WAV file is an uncompressed format. It does not decrease in quality but is larger than an MP3


An MP3 file this is a compressed (lossy) format commonly used for online streaming, media players, etc

There are a few ways, but this method will ensure that you ONLY export the part of your project that you want to hear. It is easy to accidentally export 5 or 6 minutes of audio when you project is only a minute long!Select the part of the file you want to export.

  • In the timeline add in IN POINT to the beginning of the file (click the “i” key!)
  • Scroll forward to the point of the end of the project and create an OUT POINT (click the “o” key)
  1. File Menu > Export
    • In the FILE MENU pull down to EXPORT
    • hover over MULTI TRACK EXPORT
    • click TIME SELECTION
  2. Name your file, put it somewhere
    It’s easy to accidentally export your file somewhere strange.
    1. Give your file a name
    2. click BROWSE and choose a folder to export into.
  3. Select your export type (WAV or MP3)
    When you browse to save your file, you ALSO have the chance to choose what kind of file to export.
    1. In the pulldown below select WAV or MP3
    2. Click SAVE
  4. Export the file
    • In the export window, click “OK”

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