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Requiem for a dream

In this sequence (I apologize in advance for the content!) the editing and manipulations give the impression of a distorted perception of time. The scene also makes heavy use of color and also has some split screen shots. A little bit of everything.

Split Edits

Split Edits

A split edit, is a transition from one shot to another in film or video, where transition of the audio and video happen at different times. This is often done to enhance the aesthetics or flow of the film, allowing the audience to see context—either before or after—of speaking rather than simply the speaking itself.

Creative Match Cut Examples & Editing Techniques

In film, a match cut is a cut from one shot to another where the two shots are matched by the action or subject and subject matter. For example, in a duel a shot can go from a long shot on both contestants via a cut to a medium closeup shot of one of the duellists.

THE GAP by Ira Glass

I think it was in the time of spring 2012, when I came across David Shiyang Liu’s lovely piece of work about Ira Glass. It was the most inspiring and motivating video I had ever seen in my life. I watched it over and over again, listened to Ira Glass’ voice, and told myself, that I am not the only person who is constantly disappointed about the gap between one’s taste and one’s skills. Later in 2012, I decided to do my own filmed version of Ira’s interview – using my own language to tell his message. It took me about a year from concept to upload.

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