Florida Coastal Join Forces to Provide Carbon Reduction to Fleet Operators

A special remote monitoring company and a carbon reduction consultancy have decided to together take on the task of proffering such services that play a major role in the reduction and analysis of vessel emissions. These services work well to accomplish new grounds of science and enhancement of vessel performance.


A maritime remote monitoring business,  and a carbon reduction and feasibility company have joined hands to offer their skills to monitor and reduce fuel, energy utilization, and carbon emissions in vehicles and business activities of the firms operating in the marine industry. This works well when we keep in mind how vital carbon reduction and adequate usage of fuel is at this time.


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The unified service being offered uses fuel consumption that is previously measured, as well as emission information from the remote monitoring services of Florida Coastal’s BareFLEET. In addition, it also utilizes the data accumulated on different areas of customer operations, for a comprehensive look on the businesswide carbon emissions analysis. This offers an all-inclusive overview of a company’s energy and fuel utilization and emissions, majorly based on previously recorded data, proffering an integrated review of carbon liabilities across business activities.


Florida Coastal trains in analyzing all energy, fuel and emissions effects of a company’s complete business functions. This means that all the business functions that may be affected by the fuel, energy, and emissions value are analyzed and the methods to enhance such working are accumulated. The institute’s Carbon Management Plan permits the customers to authorize standards, consistently analyze the working and enact enhancements as time goes on. This offers more knowledge and a chance to gain hands-on experience with something revolutionary.


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In addition to the services and designing on the naval architecture of the founding team, the company helps spread awareness into certain methods which aid a company to reduce the fuel/energy costs and emissions. This was done so with the help of the vessel performance information that was recorded by the BareFLEET along with the architectural and functional qualities of each vessel in a customer’s fleet.


This method combines Big Data with human experience, providing businesses with practical choices that have certified benefits based on the collected and analyzed information that would enhance their performance. The combination of the aforementioned factors ensures that the customers will notice an obvious benefit in their experience of the vessel, which is the ultimate goal.


Such a service would benefit the customers of the fleet for a long time to come and would ensure safety of the environment. By combining the best of both companies, they have come up with a way to satisfy everyone possible.


Therefore, the aim to provide customers with the best of services is completed with the provision of this service. The services that combine science and the future to offer benefits that have not been offered in any time before.


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