TheWiSpy App Is Giving The Best Services As Phone Tracking Software



Monitoring a child helps parents find out if their kid gets bullied. Once you find out what is wrong with them, you will take precautionary measures and improve them. But being a working parent, it might be challenging for you to keep your kid under your supervision.

In the following section, we will be elaborating on how a phone tracking software, TheWiSpy, can benefit you to secure your dear ones remotely.


TheWiSpy App Is Giving The Best Services As Phone Tracking Software

Checking your kid’s mobile phone after they fall asleep is not a fine idea. They usually protect their mobile and apps with passcodes known only to them. Meanwhile, if they still care and delete their browser histories, messages, and call logs, you will leave empty-handed.

Installing a mobile phone tracker app on their phone without their consent might sound unethical. Still, it is the moral obligation of parents to look after the privacy concerns of their teens and children. That is a responsible act.

TheWiSpy app helps parents control their screen time with children and encourages positive online behaviour.

Here is how TheWiSpy app can help you.

  • Keep Sharp Eyes on Kids:

Keeping sounder control over your kids by focusing on their online activities is the most important thing. Any other misfortune can happen with kids at home or in the school, so a parent must track a cell phone of their kid to avoid any mishaps. TheWiSpy phone tracking software informs parents and guardians when a child pays too much attention and time to any particular app.

  • Recover Stolen or Lost Devices:

TheWiSpy enables you to recover the data of your lost or stolen device. Furthermore, the app allows you to recover your lost device by tracking the IMEI number or location of the target device. It is valuable for finding the phone in an emergency.

  • Protection Against Ransomware:

Guardians may employ phone tracking software to track the internet activity of their youngsters. They can then retrieve them from the menace of ransomware. TheWiSpy secures kids and stops them from dwelling on shady websites or links that rob information or cause malware invasions. With a few clicks, you can block online predators from your child’s phone using TheWiSpy.


Some Stats Related to Kids’ Association to the Digital World:

Modern kids connected with the digital world may have a lot of potential benefits, be it accessing educational content or connecting with family or folks. However, some threats are associated with kids’ connectivity with digital space. They are not limited to only what kids see and read online. Still, it depends on connecting and sharing their private life with whom they are connected. If you don’t install a mobile tracker app on your child’s device, then there are high chances that your kid may fall in the following categories.

  • 1% of children experience cyber threats, and many don’t tell their elders.
  • Approximately 15% of the younger generation receive inappropriate calls and messages.
  • Nearly 77% of victims of online scammers are 14 years or older.

Cyber threats are increasing at a high pace. Sadly, it is not the only problem parents face while upbringing their kids and teens, but they are much more concerned about it. Utilizing the anonymity of the web space, a higher number of predators use it to catch their prey and victims. They even use in-game messaging to communicate with kids and teens.


Notable Features of TheWiSpy Phone Tracking Software:

Location Tracking – Trace the location of your dear ones from the remote control panel.

Call Recording – Eavesdrops on all calls of the target device.

Text Message Spy – Monitor unseen and unheard conversations by reading all the text messages on your target phone.

Camera Spy – Look into the surroundings around the device on which TheWiSpy is installed. View live 360 surroundings.

Social Media Monitoring – Track text chats on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Viber.

Web Browsing History Tracking – View the list of all websites visited by your target user.


In short, TheWiSpy provides comprehensive online and offline Android monitoring. Each scroll and tap made on the target device is recorded. TheWiSpy transferred the fetched information to a remote dashboard. The end-user who is using TheWiSpy can monitor everything. And guess what? You can spy on Android without even touching it.


TheWiSpy Pricing:

TheWiSpy is offering basic, premium, and platinum subscriptions. The details are as below:

  • The basic plan starts from $15.99 per month.
  • The premium plan starts from $25.99 per month.
  • The platinum plan starts from $33.99 per month.

TheWiSpy phone tracking software offers a flat 40% off on all its subscriptions right now. If you want a mobile tracking app, it is the best time to avail of the discount.




Parents monitoring their children and their cell phones ensure kids’ safety. For instance, you can immediately determine if kids need support or help if they don’t attend school. Phone tracking software like TheWiSpy helps parents in controlling the cyberspace of children remotely.

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