How to Get a Data Visualization Certification

If you’re interested in learning the skills necessary to make data visualizations, then you may want to take a course in data visualization. These courses are designed to provide you with a broader understanding of both the technical and philosophical aspects of the field. They will also equip you with the knowledge needed to design and develop advanced visual data analysis applications. In addition, you will learn about the foundational understanding of visual perception and the theory of visual encoding.


If you’re serious about advancing in the data visualization industry, a Tableau certification can be just the thing. The Tableau certification is a recognized designation and can help you get noticed by employers and improve your salary. There are a few different Tableau certifications to choose from. The most common reasons people pursue Tableau certifications are to learn specific skills, improve their professional profiles, advance in their careers, or get promoted. A recent survey found that nearly one-third of people who pursued Tableau certifications received a pay raise.

The Tableau certification is valid for three years, and it demonstrates that you have the required knowledge to use the software effectively. It requires you to understand data visualization, as well as a few advanced technical skills. The certification tests your understanding of visual best practices, storytelling, data restructuring, and connecting multiple data sources. The certification exam requires three hours of study, and it’s graded by a committee of multiple graders. Candidates must have at least one year of experience using Tableau software before taking the exam.


Flourish Studio is a powerful online data visualization tool that enables anyone to create a wide range of visualizations. The tool is free to use and comes with a variety of templates, which can be useful for a variety of purposes. When using this free tool, be sure to remove sensitive data and make sure you have the appropriate rights to the data. Flourish also offers a discounted academic subscription plan.

The free Flourish Studio software provides easy-to-understand guidance and a simple learning curve. Even those without prior knowledge of data visualization will be able to learn advanced concepts quickly. The tool is available on any system with Internet connectivity. It also comes with comprehensive guidance beyond the software itself, including important principles of Dashboard Design, a cheat sheet for charts, and inspiration for visualizing your data.


The R Data Visualization Certification is designed to help those who want to learn R as a powerful data visualization tool. The program covers all the essential elements of data visualization. Students will develop the skills necessary to manipulate, organize, merge, and evaluate data. The course also includes hands-on examples that demonstrate the best practices for creating interactive visualizations.

Getting certified in R can be a huge benefit to many people. It can help people with varying skill levels, including aspiring data scientists, journalists, and software developers. It can also help people with previous knowledge of statistics and data analysis.


Data visualization is becoming a hot skill in the IT industry. With thousands of job openings in industries like e-commerce, financial services, and banking, the demand for data scientists and data visualization specialists is high. If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field, you should consider gaining a Python data visualization certification.

This hands-on course will train you to create and use sophisticated data visualizations. You will learn to design and create interactive charts and graphs. Using these tools, you can present your clients with important insights. You will also learn how to extract the information and make effective decisions based on the results.


There are a number of benefits to earning an MCSP Data Visualization Certification. Not only will you have access to the latest in data visualization software, but you’ll also be able to apply these skills in a wide variety of situations. MCSP’s extensive database of healthcare data provides a wealth of information and opportunities to visualize it.

This data-driven certification program focuses on data storytelling and visual storytelling. Understanding how to weave data into a story can help businesses make better decisions. To learn how to do this, participants will build a portfolio of high-quality data visualization projects.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

This data visualization certification program will allow you to demonstrate your skills in creating and presenting data visualizations. The course consists of three parts: a written document, a brief literature review, and two code-based assignments. The first half of each class will be devoted to introducing the concepts and tools of data visualization. The second half will be dedicated to exploring a dataset with Python. Students will be expected to have their own laptops with Python installations. They will be encouraged to actively participate in class and submit their work electronically.

In addition to the technical knowledge you will gain, this course will teach you how to tell stories with data. Storytelling can help businesses understand data and make better decisions. Students will learn how to weave data into a story and build a portfolio of high-quality projects.

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