The importance of using a box to store your jewelry

Jewelry has been part of our daily lives for a very long time. These small objects are used by women as well as men for different reasons. Religious signs, belonging to an ethnic group or simply a fashion phenomenon to assert one’s personality or look, rings and necklaces come in many forms and can be made of gold, silver or be adorned with diamonds and pearls that should be pampered! The simplest and most obvious solution is to opt for a jewelry storage adapted to this function. In wood covered with leather or velvet, in glass or travel, box-of-jewelry offers beautiful models of jewelry boxes for all tastes!

A storage to protect your jewelry

When we don’t wear our wedding ring or our pair of earrings, we tend to put them on a piece of furniture, a chest of drawers or a night table, because we don’t have a place to store them properly. We are not aware that these little treasures deserve special attention in order to make them last over time! Indeed, the metal alloys that make up rings and other pieces of jewelry can prove to be fragile when in contact with various external aggressions.

Silver jewels have an annoying tendency to blacken with time for example. This is due to the oxidation caused by the air and humidity it contains, leading to the appearance of silver sulfide. To avoid this, organizing your jewelry collection in a girl’s jewelry box, closed with a soft velvet lined interior is certainly the best jewelry storage solution. At the same time, these jewelry boxes avoid losing them and thus finding yourself with a single earring, orphaned from its twin, or finding your necklace tangled at the bottom of your dressing table drawer.

The compartments and supports adapted to each piece of jewelry are also an effective way to prevent shocks and scratches. Velvet rings will hold your white gold rings with diamonds, for example, and avoid losing a pearl or zirconium oxide stone when they clash. The hooks used to hang your chains and neck jewels allow you to avoid twisting the necklaces together: no more broken chain links. As you can see, each storage solution is designed to avoid all the daily hassles that our jewelry can encounter.

Organize your jewelry collection

A jewelry box is a real jewelry organizer that allows you to put your jewelry collection in order with disconcerting ease. Over time, we accumulate a ton of rings, bracelets, chains and other body adornments that pile up in a corner of our room. Not to mention the possibility of breaking or losing a piece of jewelry that we love, this is very damaging as we are not aware of the amount of treasures that we possess! Thus, we often neglect a piece of jewelry that is dear to us, such as a wedding or anniversary gift or the famous bracelet offered at our communion.

Using a large jewelry box allows you to organize everything by type of jewelry:

  • Rings, signet rings and other rings stored in velvet bags
  • Bracelets, watches and other wrist jewelry on a roll or in a compartment
  • Earrings on their dedicated pierced holder
  • Necklaces, pendants and long necklaces hanging on hooks

In addition to seeing things a little more clearly, this organization will allow you to contemplate your most beautiful jewelry, and to see your collection evolve over time. You will also save time in the morning when you choose the outfit of the day and when you put on your makeup: in the blink of an eye you will be able to choose which ring to wear on your fingers or which necklace will dress up your neckline.

As you can see, a jewelry box is a precious daily ally. It will allow you to keep the brilliance of all your favorite jewels over time, which will allow you to pass on your personal jewelry to your descendants. These wooden boxes also allow you to perfect your interior decoration and bring a certain cachet to your living room, revealing daily, like a jewelry shop window, all the jewels that you own with pride.

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