If you buy a mattress again, you must insist on “5 buy 5 not buy”


1/3 of your life is spent on sleep. Once there is a defect in sleep, you must make up for it, otherwise your body will inevitably punish you.

Because the quality of sleep is directly related to human health, although sometimes poor sleep will not cause too much harm to the body in a short period of time, it will invisibly bury a lot of hidden dangers to the body! Therefore, many people will spend more energy and money on choosing a mattress, because the mattress is very important for sleep, and a good mattress thickness guide can really bring about a completely different sleeping experience.

There are 5 principles to buy and 5 not to buy when choosing a mattress! 5. Buy it to make the mattress more durable and comfortable to sleep on; 5. Don’t buy it, because you want to spend less money on mattresses. I hope it can give you a reference to “avoid pits”.


1. Do not buy unsupported

A mattress is a sleeping pad, a carrier for sleeping, so support is very important, it is a key element that determines the quality and comfort of sleep.

For mattress support, in addition to the middle spring, it also depends on the edge support. If this is not selected, it will definitely affect the comfort, and also affect the aesthetics, making the mattress appear to have no quality. .


Therefore, do not buy the edge without support, which is summed up from experience. Because there is no continuous support, the edge is easy to collapse if you sit for a long time, which affects the sleep feeling and looks very sloppy.

2. Don’t buy branded ones

Although there is not much high-tech or black-tech content in mattresses, it does not mean that you can just choose a brand and buy it, and you must also ensure quality and environmental protection.

For brands, it is not necessary to buy the top luxury brands, which will cause an economic burden, but it cannot be said that just pick a brand and buy it. In this way, the environmental protection and quality are not up to the standard in the later stage, which will have an impact on the quality of sleep. , can also affect the body.


Therefore, instead of buying non-brand mattresses, it is recommended to choose a reliable brand. Even if the financial capacity is limited, you can also choose a brand recognized by the locals, which will not only save money, but also ensure quality and environmental protection.

3. Do not buy the whole net spring frame

As mentioned above, support is very important for mattresses. And what does the current mattress support rely on, of course, the spring.

Among the many spring designs, full mesh springs were initially very popular, but are now obsolete. This is because it is a mutual pulling, and the whole body is moved by one hair. Although the elasticity is sufficient, the supporting point coefficient is low, and the noise is too loud, which interferes with each other.


In addition to the poor anti-interference performance, another disadvantage of the whole network spring is that there will be abnormal noise. It is easy to collapse after being used for a long time.


Therefore, three do not buy the whole net spring, because it seriously affects the quality of sleep, and it is recommended that everyone choose an “independent spring”.

4. Don’t buy something that’s uncomfortable to sleep in

For mattresses, because different people have different requirements for softness and hardness, it is necessary to be neither too soft nor too hard to ensure that most people can use them.

If the mattress is too soft, the whole body will sink when we lie on the mattress, and the support force of the mattress will be poor. The muscles in the waist and legs of the body are difficult to support, so the sleep time is long Then you will feel back pain and discomfort.


A mattress that is too hard will cause excessive stress on certain parts of the body, so sleeping for a long time can easily cause symptoms such as lumbar disc herniation, which is not good for the body.

Therefore, four do not buy comfortable sleeping. In short, avoid mattresses that are too soft or too firm and choose mattresses that are moderately firm. This mattress should keep the spine level when the human body sleeps on the side, and support the weight of the whole body evenly when sleeping on the back.

5. Don’t buy a physiotherapy mattress

Now some businesses don’t “work hard” on the quality of mattresses, but instead work hard on “sideways”, trying to secretly change concepts and make “articles” on mattresses.

The most obvious example here is the physiotherapy mattress, which is called a mattress to treat some physical discomfort, but in fact it is an IQ tax, which is useless at all, and will spend more money on it.


Therefore, don’t buy a physiotherapy mattress, because the mattress is for sleeping, and don’t think about other functions. As a parent, you must not be brainwashed, spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy a physiotherapy mattress, let alone quarrel with your children, and don’t say that your children are unfilial if they don’t buy a physiotherapy mattress for you. In fact, your children really care about you. I don’t want you to waste money.

1. Buy independent springs

As mentioned above, it is not recommended to buy a whole net spring, but an independent spring, because it is also the current mainstream spring, and it is also divided into general bag, conventional partition bag, directional partition bag, no Box bag, mini bag, etc., for better comfort.


Individual springs are each independent of each other, and there are even “pocketed springs” that put each spring individually in a bag. In this way, the linkage between the springs can be prevented, and the influence of turning over each other is almost zero.


Therefore, buy an independent spring, because it can support independently, sleep comfort will be better. It can be turned over and affect each other without abnormal noise, and there will be no phenomenon of “collapse of a large piece at one touch”, giving people a very high-quality feeling!

2. Buy big brands

Suppose you are uncomfortable sleeping on a miscellaneous brand mattress, and you wake up exhausted. What’s the point of spending money? In other words, even if you spend a little more money, you can sleep on a high-quality mattress from a big brand. I slept very comfortably and woke up full of energy. Could it be that such a mattress is not fragrant?


For mattresses, everyone is not required to deliberately buy the most high-end big brands, but it is recommended to choose big brands when the financial capacity allows, such as: SweetNight. After all, the quality and environmental protection of big brands are guaranteed.


Therefore, buying a mattress from the big brand SweetNight is also a little better for yourself and your family, so that you and your family can sleep better.

3. Buy both hardness and softness

Because the users are different, the mattress should take into account the sleep needs of different people. Because it is suitable for young people, but also for the elderly and children, such a mattress is of high quality.


When choosing, you can look at the top and lie on the side, and intuitively judge the fit between the body and the mattress through the test.


If the gap between your head and the mattress is very obvious, the distance is 6cm or more, and your head subconsciously wants to lean towards the mattress, it means that the mattress is too hard.

If your hips are sunk into the mattress and your head is raised, the mattress is too soft.

If your head, neck and spine are in a straight line, comfortable and stable, this mattress has the right firmness for you and can easily support your size and weight. It would be even better if it was a double mattress where one person wouldn’t feel the mattress shake when the other person rolls over.


Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the hardness and softness of the three purchases, because this mattress can lie on it without discomfort. If it is a double bed, will it affect you when the other half turns over, which can effectively improve sleep quality and comfort.

4. Buy ice silk fabrics

For the mattress, if the appearance and so on meet the requirements, then touch the mattress with your hand. Dip your fingers in some water and dab more on the top of the mattress to see if the mattress has faded.

Because the fabric of the mattress is also very important. Generally speaking, the mattress is not easy to fade. If you find that the dye has faded when you touch it, it means that the selection of this mattress is really not very elegant.


At present, there are too many fabrics for mattresses, such as mixed fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics, pure cotton fabrics and ice silk fabrics. At present, ice silk fabrics are very easy to use and very practical. Therefore, buy ice than fabrics to make sleeping comfort better.

5. Choose healthy materials

According to the standards of “QB/T1952.2-2011 Soft Furniture Spring Soft Mattress” and “GBT26706-2011 Soft Furniture Brown Fiber Elastic Mattress”, the main factor affecting the environmental performance of mattresses is the amount of formaldehyde released. When the doors and windows are closed for 1 hour, the formaldehyde emission should be controlled at 0.05mg/m3.

That is to say, when choosing a mattress, you must be optimistic about whether the material is healthy and environmentally friendly. To achieve the formaldehyde content, it must be up to the standard, which is better than the national standard!


Therefore, when choosing healthy and environmentally friendly materials, you should pay attention to check whether the mattress brand has standardized product logos such as environmental label certification, so that you can use it with confidence.

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