Facts About Men And Fertility.

Are you trying to become a father but still not getting success? It can be due to lower sperm count or mobility. Erectile dysfunction and swollen testicles are also a sign of male infertility.

Male Fertility decreases with age, just like females lose their ability to produce eggs with an increase in age. Sometimes, fertility is also affected by genetic disorders, reduced sexual desire, and difficulty in ejaculation.

Around 3 in 10 couples are frustrated with their infertility issues.  Infertility risk is rising with the passing days, and couples are required to take enough care of their health to avoid infertility issues.

This blog has brief information on the facts about men’s fertility.

Interesting Facts About Male Fertility 

Before looking into the facts about male fertility, let’s take a closer look at the symptoms of male infertility:-

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Poor-quality sperm
  • Decreased sperm mobility
  • Difficulty in ejaculation
  • Decrease in sexual desire
  • Swelling or pain in the region of the testicle

Now, let’s come back to the interesting facts about male fertility:-

Fact #1:- Men’s Fertility Also Decreases with Age 

It is not the women whose fertility decreases with age, a man also goes through the same thing. With passing age, a man’s fertility also decreases and so decreases the quality and mobility of the sperm. You can be a father at an older age, too. For that, you need a Male Fertility Test. With the help of the test, the doctor can suggest a suitable fertility treatment to you.

Fact #2:- Smoking Affects the Quality and Mobility of Sperms

The fact that most men ignore and are not ready to quit smoking as it has become an addiction. But, it is true that smoking does affect men’s ability to produce quality sperm, and the presence of nicotine in cigarettes affects male fertility and causes harmful diseases like cancer.

Fact #3:- Avoid Keeping Your Phone In Pant’s Pocket 

Keeping mobile phones in the pants pockets tends to heat up the scrotal area, which is not good for reproductive health. Planning for a baby? Avoid long bike rides, and don’t put your laptop on your lap while working, as it could heat the scrotal area leading to male infertility.

Fact #4:- Excessive Drinking is another Risk Factor for Male Infertility 

Excessive alcohol reduces the testosterone level leading to erectile dysfunction, and you might run to your nearest fertility clinic for a Blood Test For Male Fertility. 

Fact #5:- Eating Patterns Also Influences male Infertility 

Your fertility also depends on the type of foods you consume. Eating healthy foods containing all the needed nutrients increases the quantity and quality of sperms. Including green leafy vegetables, proteins, vitamins, and minerals favor male fertility.

Fact #6:- Loss of the Ability to Smell

Your inability to smell a fragrance or anything is also a cause of infertility which takes place in men with late puberty. It is also known as Kallmann Syndrome and can be cured by hormone replacement treatment.

Fact #7:- Weight Management is Essential To Boost Male Fertility 

Managing weight does not always relate to losing weight, as underweight men also go through male infertility. Therefore, you need to be fit and in good shape to avoid problems related to male infertility.

Fact #8:- Stress is Responsible for Making It Difficult For Men to Produce Quality Sperms

It is a fact that stress tends to decrease sexual desire in both males and females, and stress is responsible for erectile dysfunction and reduction in sperm mobility. Working on your stress level is essential to manage a healthy sex life and to get rid of male infertility problems like erectile dysfunction and lower sperm count and quality.

Fact #9:- Excessive Excercise Reduces Male Hormone

Doing excessive exercise reduces the testosterone level in males leading to the problem of lower sperm count. Besides, steroid leads to shrinkage of testicles, causing infertility. A fertility test is a suitable option where you get details on the cause of infertility. Know the Male Fertility Test Cost by approaching the best pathology lab.

Fact #10:- Vitamin C is Important To Increase Male Fertility 

Watch out for your vitamin intake, and consume foods rich in zinc and vitamin C to increase the count of sperm. In addition, it also enriches the quality of sperm. Besides, there is a list of nutrients that promotes male fertility.

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Folate
  • Vitamin B12
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acid


Foods That You Must Avoid To Facilitate  Male Fertility

  • Caffeine:- High level of caffeine is connected to low sperm count. Hence, it needs to be avoided.
  • High-Fat Dairy:- Dairy products are good for your health, but you must avoid high-fat dairy products like full-fat cheese, whole milk, whole milk yogurt, and so on.
  • Processed Meat:- Processed meats like sausage, hot dogs, and bacon cause male infertility issues. Therefore, consume fresh meat and try to avoid processed meats.
  • Soy:- The xenoestrogens compound present in soy reduces the quality and count of the sperms. Thereby, you need to avoid soy to increase fertility.

In a Nutshell 

Infertility is a common issue in India, but this can be overcome now with the evolution of medical technology. Treatment like IVF, ICSI, and IUI helps you to conceive a baby through medical techniques.  But, before going for the treatment, it is essential to know about the infertility issues. The female and Male Fertility Test helps in understanding the cause of both male and female, respectively.

If you are also going through a tough time and unable to reach the goal of parenthood, you must consider a fertility test soon. Choose the best pathology lab near me to get excellent tests and accurate results.

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