Five Reasons to Send out Engagement Party Invitations

You were just proposing to your significant other in a forest of pine trees, by the sea and at your favorite restaurant. You are now engaged, regardless of how he proposed. You might want to plan an important, memorable occasion a few weeks after you have engaged.

When should you host an engagement party The typical engagement party takes place two to three months after the proposal. This gives you enough time to plan your guest list, wedding venue, and style of wedding, as well as organize your wedding party. Once you have everything in order, you can start planning your engagement party. With your host, you can discuss the date, location, preferred style, and venue. Then, you can start designing the birthday invitation template. While it may not be the official wedding, most experts agree that sending out invitations at least three to four weeks before the event is is over is good wedding etiquette.

Here are five reasons why you should send invitations to an engagement party:

  1. It’s the First Big Event You Can Celebrate

It is important to treat the engagement party as a significant event in the wedding season. It is important to send all guests a formal invitation.

Because handcrafted invitations are handcrafted, they can be a great way to invite guests to your engagement party. This makes it more attractive to guests. They will be able to travel to the party confident that the event was organized to suit the style or theme you specified on the invitation.

An engagement party allows the couple and their wedding guests to get to know each other better. It is a significant occasion that requires a formal invitation. Handmade invitations can add excitement to the couple, as well as the parties and events surrounding weddings.

  1. It’s an easy way to showcase your wedding website

It is becoming more common for engaged couples today to post all of their information on a website. You can create a personalized website to showcase all details of your wedding. You can add information to your website such as your RSVP information, directions and the address to the venue. Also, you can list who is in your wedding party. Your website can also be used to track your guest list.

Instead of posting a link to your wedding website on social networks for invited guests and uninvited guests, include the address in your invitation. You can only invite the people you have invited to your wedding website.

It is possible to ask your guests to RSVP on your website. This saves time.

  1. It keeps your party from being a last-minute thought

It can be very stressful to plan your wedding. Planning your engagement party can be a time-consuming task.

By reminding people of the event’s nearness, sending out invitations to engagement parties helps keep it from being a last-minute thought. Similar to the obligation to go out of your way for the planning of the engagement party guest list,

You’ll be less likely to forget about planning your engagement party when you have constant reminders.

  1. Not everyone is looking for a digital announcement

Your grandparents and other relatives may not be able to log in every week or use all the features of Facebook. Some of your childhood friends might have abandoned social media altogether. This makes it difficult to create events online or send out group messages. The couple can be sure that all invites reach their intended guests by sending them a printed invitation. is a fee invitation maker that provides variety of invitation templates, customize the template and share online with RSVP Tracking

  1. It ensures that only invited people show up

Who should you invite to an engagement celebration? It is best to invite the same person to the engagement party as you invite to your wedding. Unannounced guests can cause awkward situations. Perhaps the event page was not set up to be private so they assumed that everyone could attend. You may find yourself in an awkward situation and have to add them to your wedding guest lists. This is less likely to happen if you use paper invitations. However, if it does happen, be gracious and make them feel at home.

Invites for engagement parties made from paper offer a more intimate experience to each guest. They can be subconsciously encouraged to invite their friends to your engagement party and to remember you by making them more personal. They are a sign that your party will be fun, well-organized and enjoyable.

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