Seminar: Home

A bicycle is one of the many forms of transportation, commonly found in bustling urban communities chained to a steel pole, or laying on a bed of grass in a more suburban community. These two bikes are chained next to each other, within the busy streets of Chinatown. Out of the many manufactured bicycles, they were chosen to give their owners a purpose to travel and go out places. To some, a bicycle may symbolize a sense of home. They were taught how to ride at a younger age by parents, close friends, or slowly picked up interest in wanting to ride one. They have learned how to fix a bike after it malfunctions, how to use it for a quick ride for groceries or for work related tasks. A bike takes you places you’ve never been before, exposes you to a multitude of surroundings, people, a platform where one can reminisce. Looking back at the TED talk Pico Iyer presented, home doesn’t have to be anything tangible, but could be classified after having a mass amount of exposure to different experiences. A bicycle is able to do this, allowing any individual a safer escape from the real world, to ride around the busy city taking a look at the faces of strangers, the many advertising signs surrounding them, thoughts being able to take over as they ride their worries and problems away, maybe having some sort of nostalgic flashback. The individuals who own this bike learned how to utilize them for their own gain, but it may be possible that this is a sense of home for them. While it transports the individual through streets and cities, it also brings about the sense of self discovery, and a comfort that others may find hard to define for them.

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