“Tighten” your neighborhood

On Saturday, February 11th, I went back to my neighborhood and took my time maneuvering through the different streets of Chinatown. Mott Street is one of the most familiar streets, since I have a close friend that grew up there. He’s given me the run down of the many different restaurants, markets, close family and friends, hairdressers he’s been to, and everything else he could remember. I got off the N train onto Canal Street and walked my way through until I arrived at Baxter. With the help of my partner, he kept track of the steps I took and I decided to go in a certain “zig-zag” motion through the streets until I hit my recognized one. A majority of these streets contained apartments nestling atop of businesses on the first floor, sidewalk supermarkets, older citizens making their way with shopping carts, very common activity. The streets are a bit narrow and compressed, cars coming in one way and lines almost forming on the sidewalks, from the many inhabitants and tourists that dotted the streets. When I finally exited through Elizabeth Street, I made my way back to the subway station to take the train to the East Village.

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