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The model pictured above is a hand that plays the C-arpeggio on a small keyboard, to demonstrate piano playing and how the muscles and joints move when playing an instrument. The hand model includes a realistic length being from the tips of the fingers to the ends (approaching the knuckles), mounted on an elevated frame. The size of the mechanical hand equates to the size of the creators, to show how a realistic set of hands can play a small keyboard. This gadget simply models how the fingers interact with an instrument, specifically the piano, by using a “hammering” motion with the fingers onto the keys.

This project was very experimental, the outcome was very successful as well. Newfound tools such as sanders and wood cutting machines allowed for this gadget to come together. Studying the general movement of hands on the piano and guitar allowed me to devise a small device that could properly play and demonstrate how ones hand muscles are exercised overtime to be able to perform ample and beautiful sound on string instruments.


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