connected colors / real-time face tracking and 3d projection mapping from nobumichi asai on Vimeo.

“Connected Colors” conceptualizes the coexistence of life. The motif is centered on the colors of nature, and is an expression of electric make-up in the form of various colors intermingling and harmonizing. It aims to convey the human desire for harmony and coexistence of life on Earth.”

Nobumichi Asai is a media artist and technical director based in Japan and London, who is famous for his technological art projects. Asai and his team from WOW worked on the “Connected Colors” proect sot demonstrate how atristry and computer processing power could enhance and push the limits of facial projection.The model in the video is shown to have tracking points on her face, much like how a filmmaker would add tracking points to a background or a surface to overlay some sort of texture or surface to mimic. By tracking the contours of the models face (nose, mouth, eye sockets, chin, face shape), Asai is able to map his digital animations so they perfectly fit into the individuals facial mold. The digital skin that has been created is thus programmable.

Some of the superficial animations shown on the model’s face range from animal skins to organic matter to natural flora and fauna. When watching the demo of the project, one can assume that the works are almost ethereal and unique. The model keeps her eyes shit and face still while the animations engulf the organic matter. The creations begin to take life like no other, and what is more amazing about it is that it is digitized.

To create the art works, Asai took 3D scans of the model’s face. When working on his digital animations and works, he made sure to create them surrounding the make up and build of the models face. The technique he uses for this is caled photogrammetry. The computer that Asai uses for this projects is an Intel 6th Gen Core i7-6700K processor. This fast computer allows the artists to combine the tracking data, so the digital skin can be malleable and made to fit the model’s face in its exact position and expression. Asai’s main goal is to enthrall his audience and others who stumble across his work, and think about the importance of evolving arts when it comes to digital methods.

Artist Uses 3D Facial Projection Technology to Create Digital Skin

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