Raonsquare is an art collective based in Korea, that focuses on the interactive, creative and innovative aspects of the digital arts. The collective has done a plethora of projects, from interactive applications for children mostly in open space situations (malls, parks), to coordinating musical events through the use of projection mapping. The company’s main goal is to have their viewers engage not only with their works but with one another through their creations.

One of the projects I chose to analyze was their Music Playing Wall. The following project was done with projection mapping, color mapping and sensitive touch. It launched around October 2016 during a certain gallery showing. The goal of this project is to have joint performances happen and come to life. For each instrument displayed on the wall, there is a certain function that is activated when touch is sensed. In the video, you can see an individual strum the wall guitar with the simple touch of the finger. Each instrument has its own programmed animation and functionalities, and it isn’t very limiting either. On the keyboard, one can press individual keys, or hold a couple to make chords. The drums can simply be tapped either once or many times to make a simple rhythm or cacophonous sounds.

Something I particularly like about this project is how there is a certain feel and character to each instrument. The flat lines of the actual drawing on the walls are neat, but when each instrument is activated they each have a certain distinction of color and sound that makes it entertaining and more open for experimentation. It is also a bonus that the projection mapping project is highly experimental and engaging, even allowing individuals with no musical background to engage and try something new themselves. I can see myself using this when I want to bring an interactive musical experience to my audience as a musician. Something I feel that lacks during my performances is the ability for my audience to engage with my music. I’d like to see an interaction blossom through interacting with animated work during my on-stage performances.

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