One of our assignments in Seminar 4D was to create a narrative using one image. The following image is what I used to create a story for my character Ethel. In this story, Ethel finally gets her hands on her favorite artist, Frank Zappa’s album “Apostrophe,” and it seems to be signed too! Fellow shoppers in the store seem to be jealous of her gift, and want to get their hands on the copy too. As Ethel walks away from the store and steps onto her skateboard, she tucks away the record under her arm. She begins to ride on until she notices her record falls out of its sleeve. Ethel begins a speedy chase, making sure the record doesn’t slant and scratch. Record store fans take on the opportunity to chase after her, to land their hands on the gem. As Ethel passes by passer-byers, an altercation between a thief and his victim is seen. He has stolen her purse, and as she calls for help she gets ready to give the thief a piece of her mind (she is a small body builder). The lazy policemen arrive at the scene to see that the thief has fled and blended into the cloud of fans chasing after Ethel and her record. The victim begins to run VERY fast, and the cops follow along in their cop car. Ethel begins to grow worried, and reaches into her knapsack hoping a solution comes out. Luckily, some fireworks come out! She straps them onto her board and lights them up with a match. She suddenly goes at amazing speeds, and catches the record through the hole with the tip of her finger. She is unable to stop the skateboard, and rams right into her friend Sabine’s front door. Over here, the cloud of fans begin to dissolve, the thief is seen faint on the ground from running with a purse around his arm, and the victim is seen on top of him wrestling the purse away from him. The cops end up ticketing Ethel 10$ for disturbing the town with her reckless skateboarding. Ethel walks in with her record, being greeted by Sabine and Winfried. They want to question her current state, but spot the record and urge her to play it. They sit down and play the record, and the animation ends there.


Here is a sketch of four of the main characters I did. I hope to have storyboards of this animation fleshed out by Tuesday.

Over here are some sketches of Ethel and mock up mini-storyboards.

I took my time to do research since the story takes place in 1974 in Glendale, California. I visited a vintage synthesizer shop in New Jersey, to have a feel of how the record shop/instrument shop will look like interior wise.


I am a musician that plays in a psychedelic-electronic band. I love the style of this music, as well as the feel of the 1960-1970’s era. In this animation, I delve into the genre of the avant-garde, and focus on the more day-to-day aspects of individual rather than the unpredictable. The story is linear for a reason, because it is much more simpler for younger audiences to follow and I plan to show my brother and his friends the final product! Above you can look through inspirational photos that are helping fuel my inspiration for this project.

Cartoon Network: 3 Dog Band from Easyfeel on Vimeo.

Above here is an animation I watched that inspired me for my mini-film called 3 Dog Band, an animation pitched for Cartoon Network in the 2000s that never made it unfortunately!


My plan is to animate traditionally in pencil and ink, as well as utilize stop motion for my title and credits. It is a musical-type animation, so music made by my friends and fellow musicians will be edited in. There will be the use of looping, lip-sync and establishing background scenes.

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