RUN-AWAY RECORD: a VR experience

« Run-Away Record » stars Ethel Reed in a quick chase around Toronto city after her prized record fell out of its sleeve. Ethel acquires the signed record from her manager Scotti, who has an infatuation with Ethel. when she recieves the record, she is the talk of the store (in the most negative way), and quickly leaves so she could be left in peace to listen to her record at home. as she skateboards home, the record slips out of its sleeve. the customers at the record shop are made aware of her mistake, and begin to chase her through the wide streets of Toronto. Ethel has an imagination that she can make come to life, and does so by imagining a jetpack. she uses it to her advantage, catches up to the record, and miraculously lands right in front of her best friend’s house, sabine. as she knocks the door, her friends greet her with surprised looks, as she looks worn out. She then inquires about the record, and Ethel happily asks if they want to play it.


DESCRIPTION: As a child, I have always wanted to visit the environments and worlds my favorite cartoons portrayed. The most amazing thing about animated entertainment and cartoons is that it takes an individual out of reality, and allows for the viewer to imagine and enjoy the fantasy worlds that cartoons create. In correlation with my animation, i thought of effective ways my animated short could implement itself into another kind of technology where it is completely immersive. I finalized the virtual reality idea, utilizing VR goggles and a treadmill, to emulate the chase scene that happens in my short.

TECHNOLOGY: The equipment that would be used for this art would be the Samsung VR headset which works with Samsung phones. I have tried this before on several emulations, and the quality is very real. This can be used in any room, it is 360 view for the most part for the beginning of the story. Since it is storybased, the experience will function alike a point and click, where the individual will either say commands or select commands with a remote which will lead them to different routes and circumstances. The main aspect of this VR experience would be the treadmill in the small room, which the participant will use as their ground for the running scenes in the story.

This experience uses multiple senses such as sound and sight. The background effects and music will be transported through small earphones that the user plugs in before the start of the VR experience.

OUTCOME: The goal of this project is to allow individuals to visit an imagined space that pairs with nostalgia. This project is for any participant whether they are a child or an adult. We are currently living in the digital age, but this kind of technology is more immersive and promotes interaction and exercise rather than staring at a screen for entertainment. This opens up the individual’s imagination and allows them to maneuver through a scape they never imagined before.

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