WEEK 1 & 2 | Fleshing out my thesis & more!


Throughout the first two weeks of school, I took the time to flesh out the plot of my thesis and organize specific details. I started my storyboards, and am continuing to do so until the end of the week. My goal for next week is to flesh out all story boards and create my whole animatic, if not at least a partial animatic with captions.


Here is one page of storyboards I started, with beginning scenes showing one of the important characters, Linnea, playing a game of chess and reading a technology magazine respective to the late 1960s/70s. In these scenes, she discovers that a new computer module is in development, which allows for the newest technology to aide strategy based games such as chess, poker and checkers.

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I have been researching based on time period, culture and technology innovation. Something that is crucial to my plot line, is the type of computer I want to have displayed during the beginning timeline of Linnea’s computer chess discovery. I chose the Commodore PET, since it is one of the first home computers that is capable of displaying visual data, and had the capability to play coded games. Since the story is semi-fictional, I create a chess game on the computer in my animation for Linnea to play. There are images of computers dating from the early 50s to the late 70s shown in the gallery. Also, since there is a before and after of era, specifically the 1970s and 2000s, I include images that will aid my inspiration for background development, architecture for homes I depict, and the wear that my characters will present themselves in through my animation.

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Below are some drafts of character designs I have. I haven’t fleshed them out yet, but I have a solid idea on personalities. Just not on presentation as much!


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