WEEK 5 | Animatic & orgnization

Unfortunately my work has been at a standstill as of late, because of personal reasons, but I was able to finish my entire animatic with some advice given to me in the long run by other thesis professors and colleagues of mine. Above is my finalized animatic, which has a more clearer timeline in terms of imagery, but still needs some finalizations and in-between scenes to tie it all together.

Working on my animatic I tried figuring out how certain scenes flowed into each other, different angles pertaining to backgrounds, and other little intricacies like details in scenes that emerged well throughout the animation. At the same time, I worked out some parts of my story line while finalizing these scenes.

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There was a part in my animatic where Brigitte turns on the computer immediately. Instead, I put in the detail of grandmother Linnea’s chess guide/diary, which had an old photo of young Linnea next to the same computer Brigitte explores. This then broadens the understanding of the connection Brigitte will develop with the computer, and especially with the floating idea of what her grandmother once was. In the second picture, the old photograph is shown, which brings about a sense of nostalgia and comparison from old and new.

The third picture shows Brigitte turning off the old computer, since her parents had brought her a new one she sadly accepts that she has to part with it. The fourth photo shows mother Jane (Linnea’s daughter), putting away Linnea’s belongings back, and taking a moment with the journal. What I’m trying to develop are intricate scenes that display some sort of emotion, that other people can somehow relate to or empathize with.

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