Something Weird: Experiments with Group Footage, AfterEffects, and Sound Layering


After Screening the video in class, my Animation teacher offered the “paper plate award” for most artsy/abstract animation.

Animations in this video were made during our all-class animation day. The bubble gum Sequence is by Chi Chi Chen, and the Frog and Spinning Lions head were made by Selin Karahan.

I used Photoshop and AfterEffects to animate.

I used various effects in AfterEffects: Griddler, Ripples, Scale, Opacity, and Warp.

The music and audio were edited using Premiere Pro

Guitar and voice is by me, while the effects noodling is done by Ben Rolston.

I am reading an excerpt from “Dancing with Cats” by Burton Silver & Heather Busch

Something Weird from FrancesAlbatross on Vimeo.

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