3D Project 4 Proposal: Yeti @ the Cat Cafe, a Character in Context

I’m often inspired by mythology, lore, and the monsters within these stories. I think that all mythology has some root in reality, even if it’s just an abstract embodiment of human fears. I still grapple with the ghosts of childhood.  My attraction to stories is fueled by my escapist tendencies.  Perhaps this is why so many of my projects take on a sinister or absurd tone.

Creating texture on a hand puppet is my main inspiration for the project.  I sketched out many variations of possible hand puppets to create, but struggled between creating The Tooth Fairy, Krampus, and the Yeti. In a perfect world I could make them all, but for now, I onluy have time for one.  I was really attracted to the idea of creating long fur out or yarn and fabric, as well as possible playing around with felting.  The Yeti won.

In researching Yeti’s, I came across some really great Conspiracy videos “proving” the existence of these creatures via footage of a lumbering white figure..  I came across many more articles that link Yeti DNA samples to various bear species.  Using reference photos from monkeys, bears, and Wampas (thanks Star Wars!), I was able to come up with a design that incorporated apelike features, big hands, and floppy fur. I hope to find a balance between sinister and silly.



When asked about where he gets  his ideas for stories, Neil Gaiman said, “You get ideas when you ask yourself simple questions. The most important of the questions is just, What if…?

What if….a Yeti were at a cat cafe in Brooklyn? Is he a tourist? Is he looking to adopt? Did he get put there by mistake?  Are the other customers frightened or intrigued?  How to the cats interact with him?  Who knows.  This has the makings to become a major sitcom though.

The hands, feet, and face will all be made of epoxy clay.  The outer covering will be plain fabric covered in many layers of whitish yarn, twine, and other fabric.  The interior of the puppet will be a mateless glove.

I plan on using the laser cutter for much of the background.  I want all elements to be collapsible (much like an Ikea furniture set).  I don’t have room to store things in my apartment, so this is always the constraint.  By using the laser cutter, I can cut thin`gs to interlock with one another.   The cats must be felted though.  And there needs to be A LOT of them.

In the end, the backdrop will be a floor, 2 side panel walls, and a back wall with a hinged door.  Lighting will likely be an LED lamp.  I want to capture video footage of the Yeti in the cat cafe too, because the world needs this right now.




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