3D Illustration: The Editorial Illustration

Is it a coincidence that the rise of anti-vaxxers and measles outbreaks are happening concurrently? Should religious exemptions for vaccinations be allowed when facing the threat of a highly contagious disease?

I made small 4 small dolls out of armature wire, foil, cellu-clay, and paper clay: 3 children, and one plague doctor. The plague doctor represents the values of pseudo-science, where suspicion and misinformation are valued over actual scientific advancements. Actually sculpting the characters was fairly straightforward.

Originally, I had planned to make scenes with multiple characters, passing the measles back and forth like a ball, facing off with a real doctor, and so on. Unfortunately, I ran out of time. Luckily, because I decided to color and detail digitally, it gave me more flexibility to compensate for the shortcomings of my 3D figures.

I colored digitally in Photoshop. I traced the outline of the figures and added details with a fine brush tool. Clothing was drawn using a textured pastel brush because I wanted to achieve a flat, 2D scribble. I used minimal color in order to make the red measles spots stand out. Lastly I drew a measles cell in photoshop. This would be used as a design motif around the actual article.

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