A field trip to the Book Art Festival at Moma PS1

The Printed Matter book fair was not something I would likely have gone to of my own accord.  While I like books, and I like to support independent artists,  I do not like loud and crowded places.  For me, events like this exist within a special place of hell. I avoid them at all costs. This was pure New York though: too many people crammed in too small a place, people elbowing others to get a spot at a vendor table, and books (more precious than children) clutched to peoples chests while navigating the masses.

Some major takeaways from the event included: books with beautiful binding, experimental book layouts, and a room full of posters. I didn’t not enjoy myself, but the sensory overload made it difficult to fully appreciate the beauty that is a gathering of book enthusiasts.

I did end up buying two things: One small zine of BDSM illustrations and photos, and one art magazine called “Carrier Pigeon” which contains illustrations and short stories. My biggest takeaway in regards to thesis: draw more.  I want to stand in a room of posters of my own work. And then i want to make a book.



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