Project Update 10.3.2019

At this point in the project, I am still making components:

Dalias, divers, bunnies, etc.

One major development is the addition of the “psychadelic” lines.  I wanted to build texture without overthinking the process. Creating “Breathing lines” on the work has been a meditative practice that allows me to let go of some of the perfectionist tendencies I have and allow for some spontaneity.

I’ve also been diving into science fiction novels, particularly those of Philip K. Dick.  Ignoring the fact that his female characters are all venomous bitches, the overarching themes within his stories are extremely relevant to my thesis topic. In “Now wait for last year,” designer drugs are used as a weapon in war, allowing the user to travel through time during their hallucinations, wherein the boundaries between reality and illusion are called into question.  Despite the dystopian fantastical elements, there are many distinctly human elements to the story: toxic relationships, the struggle for power, and fighting with authoritarian figures.

Cerberus, Depression, Snapshots of scenes.

Visiting oneself in alternate realities. Shadows are specters from another world.

Homage to Tech addiction. The world is hellish and dying, yet we are more concerned with getting Instagram likes and oblivious to everything outside of the screen.

Religion is disorienting and cult-like.

An old-timey diver.

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