December 2019 archive

Notes from Jordin, Chang, and Lauren

Notes From Jordin Isip: 12-3-2019

  • For Duck and Coverr:
    • add more areas of dense black/brown. The piece needs more graphic elements.
    • if the center of the piece were all black, it would create a sort of dense sinkhole that would draw the viewer in
    • add more variation the background line weight
  • See artist David Jien for inspiration on obsessive patterning

Notes from Chang 12-6-2019

  • See Artists: Henry Darger
  • Creating a fairy tale piece could be my response to/speculation of the future
  • The Stories can intersect (they live in transitional areas)
  • For the Apocalypse Mandala: Add subtle features to the figure only
  • Regarding the issues with Anatomy: deviating from the formal is ok, but needs to be convincing.
  • More control of the line = more control over the outcome of the work.
  • For the Astronaut piece, play around with an angular background:



Notes From Laure 12-10-2019

  • Regarding a kid-appropriate piece: my idea is to make something around Pinocchio (specifically the idea of A.I.). Lauren suggested looking at the myth of Pigmaleon, as well as the latest Sex Ed podcast about sex bots. Think about what life we are creating, and what life they have beyond their intended purpose.
  • Think about Futurism and Art Deco of the early 20th century and how architecture was a form of social engineering (look at world by La Corbusier).
  • Think about expanding this style of art into 3D installations (ala Yayoi Kusama or Vic Munez). The art lends itself to atmospheric effects and I could make dioramas. If i plan the work for a dream space, I’ll be prepared when the opportunity arises.
  • Regarding finalization of the work: if the idea is present, the piece doesn’t need to be finalized.
  • Play around more with contrast: the chance and randomness of ink blots could create an interesting contrast to the structure and order within the pieces.