Six Collage

  1.  Day 1: The little kids are just like us going to a Morning class, and does not wake up from the dream yet; therefore, I use kids to represent people. But we are still running to the school. The composition has Emphasis, Repetition and pattern(different size of kids, but they all wearing same kind of cloth), and Contract between the kids’ object with the background.
  2.  Day 2: On Saturday, I went out to meet some new friends. And we wear talking whole day long. I get more familiar with my new friends, and they create my new memory. The composition has Repetition and pattern, Scale and proportion, and Emphasis.
  3. Day 3: Not only all my friends, but also most of the students in my school are smokers. Therefore, I smell the cigarette all the times through the day. The composition has Repetition and pattern, Symmetrical Balance, and Texture.
  4. Day 4: I had a very busy day on Monday, and I only ate breakfast on that day. Therefore, I put my breakfast on my collage. In order to simply represents what did I ate on that day. The composition has Symmetrical Balance, Emphasis, and Texture.
  5. Day 5: I was playing with iron in the place and material class on that day. Also I bought a lot of rose on that day, and using them to decorate my new apartment.  The composition has Radial Symmetry, Repetition and pattern, and Texture.
  6. Day 6: It was rained on Wednesday. The road became wet, and the air smells fresh. The composition has Asymmetrical Balance, Texture, and Emphasis.

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