Bridge 2

I felt I learned more about Dan after I did an interview with him in the Seminar class. He told me about his childhood stories, and there was a period of time that he was feeling lost of himself. He was not sure about what he wants to in the future. But now, he find it out. I see Dan as a big boy. He is such a talent person, and always shine. I believe that all the things happened in his life had create a “Dan”. And all those memories are inside of his soul no matter where he go. Therefore, I make an atmosphere in the video about how those memories create a “Dan” standing in front of us, who is strong, creative, and gentle. The balloons are the symbol of Dan’s childhood memories, and it has been shows during the beginning, middle, and the end of the video. The shading is like Dan’s halo(talent), he is shine all the time when he has a dream. And the pigeon represents my good wish of the future to Dan, after he uses his own hand turned/changed his life.

I think the the most challenge part in this project is I have to use the multiple sounds inside of one song that I think is perfect fit for the video. I have to reset my mind, and looking for sounds, and music clips for the video. And it has to explore my idea to the audiences. I really proud of our team work in the bridge 2. I know I with Dan did a good job not only in the seven day project, but also in this video portrait. I am happy that I learned more about my friend. Also, it changed my attitude when I was doing this video. I see this as a gift for Dan instead of a homework. Therefore, the progress of doing this job was happiness and more meaningful.

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