MOMA-the pictorial space

MOMA 2017. 10.17

Collection Galleries 1880 – 1950

Louise Bourgeois – An unfolding portrait

Max Ernst – Beyond Painting


In this art work, the space is deep. Because the light color has been pushed up by the dark background, and the high contrasting values has make a deeper pictorial space.

This work used cold and warm color to create a pictorial space. Also, the white paint has create more value of the work.

Louise Bourgeois | Ode a l’Oubli 2004 Fabric illustrated book with thirty fabric collages and four lithographs

The collages of fabrics shows different space, and all of them are deep. The abstract shapes and changes in scale has create the illusion of space.

Oskar Kokoschka | Self-Portrait 1913 Oil on canvas

The value create a deep shape of the piece of work. The high contrasting values, and strong lines makes a deeper pictorial space in the self-portrait.

Mark Rothko | No.3/No.13 1949 Oil on canvas

The cold color horizontal lines look really strong comparing with warm orange background. The color, line, and horizon makes a visual impact to the audiences; in order to create a deep pictorial space.

Rene Magritte | The Menaced Assassin 1927 Oil on canvas

The idea of using linear perspective has create a 3D space in a 2D painting. The wall/room has been drew in linear perspective, and the shadows of figures makes the painting looks 3D.

Giorgio de Chirico | The Enigma of a Day 1914 Oil on canvas

The linear perspective of the building and dark background makes the painting has a deep pictorial space. The white building pops up from the background.

Kasimir Malevich | Painterly Realism of a Boy with a Knapsack-Color Masses in the 4th Dimension 1915 Oil on canvas

The vertical lines create a flatten pictorial space and appear static. Also the color contract between two squares has create a pictorial space.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner | Street, Dresden 1908 Oil on canvas

The multiple colors create a deep pictorial space of this painting. The bright/warm ground color compare with people’s cold color’s clothes. And their faces are almost the same color with the ground, which lets the audience focus on the people’s faces. It make the space become deeper in a very abstract way.

Max Beckmann | Descent from the cross 1917 Oil on canvas

The figures in the painting posted in linear perspective, and the color of the figures’ clothes are create a deep pictorial space.


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