Time Square

• MoMA – post 2 or 3 images, discuss the use of space and how it influenced your choices in your own work.

The first image was my sketch while I was at MoMa. Those two pieces painting inspired my work. The first work from Mark Rothko uses colour to create a space. It inspired my to choose large colour lamp. The second piece from Giorgio de Chirico uses the technique of Linear perspective, also leave the ground as 3/4 of the painting, which I did the samiliar idea in my Time Square project.

• Times Square Photos – post 5 – 7 of the photos that you took and discuss what interests you about them.  What do they say about the place?

Those were the pictures that I took when I visited the Time Square. I saw some street artists, high buildings, cars, and dress up people at this place. It is such crowded place, and has so many tourists come to visit  from all over the world. Not only the human activities interested my, but also the LED screens and buildings were quite amazing. This is the place that ever inside of the dark on the earth. As the same time, I recognised pollution is very serious in the place. For example, the trash is everywhere on the ground, sound pollution, and light pollution.

• Perspective Analysis – post your digital analysis of  3 times square photos. What systems do they follow (1-point, 2-point, etc.)?

Based on the homework that we had done. The first picture I drew 3-point. The second picture I drew 1-point. And the third picture I drew 1-point, but it may have two more points, which on the both side of the building at the centre of the right side of the picture.

• Sketches – post images of your sketches and discuss how you went about envisioning a reconstruction of Times Square

I want to create a peaceful and quiet space as the imagination to the future city/Time Square. I think people may become more care about the nature. Therefore, I want to put a water tunnel on the ground(the centre of the Time square), with grass on the side of the buildings. The contract between the nature and the high technology buildings is the atmosphere that I want to show for this project.

• Line Drawing

Scanned line drawing

• Illustrator file – Discuss your ideas about use of color

I want to use large colour to create the space as the way that Mark Rothko did. Therefore, I used a lot of blue in my project. I want to create a pure/peaceful environment with less human activity.

• Final image after working in photoshop – what were your goals and how did you work towards them.

I added more transparence to the blue on the buildings; in order to have some connections with the water tunnel on the ground. Also, I put some texture on the ground, and the building on the left. Then I added more buildings and sky as the background to create more linear perspective. My goal was to improve more space in my project, and create a quite future city.

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