Bridge 4 part 3

This idea is inspired by one of the most famous McQueen’s cat walk, LA DAME BLEUE, that was his 2008 spring and summer collection. He used red light sticks to decorate the stage, and made fake red butterflies cover the models’s faces as a mask. Therefore, I think of the idea, it can be an installation art or a photography. I will place the LED in the position like a rose, then add fake butterflies on top of it. It was hard to decide what kind of position I want the lights to be placed.

Alexander McQueen was died by suicide. He had psychological issue and was supper depressed during the last period of his life. And he defined himself as a gay. Therefore, this performance art is trying to record this part of story in his life.

  • He is holding himself
  • The flying fabric on the side of his body in the dark room
  • half and half make up(one side perfect, one side cried)
  • taking of clothes

It was hard to shoot the clips in the short amount of time.

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