Bridge 4 Final

Alexander McQueen Memorial

<He Comes>

Alexander McQueen is such an important artist in my life. He said:”There is beauty in everything”, which is also my belief of art His words and works had inspired a lot of my personal style. He is such a talent designer and artist. Sadly, he was died by suicide. He had serious phycological problem, and suffered a lot from it. I want to sent the message of Missing to the audiences. Therefore, I plan to create a memorial to let people to remember the real Alexander McQueen, who is very talented, but depressed sometimes. Also, I want to show the special bonding between I with him. I was thinking about what is he going to do if he is rebirth in my body, and how would I perform the Alexander McQueen in a female character.

I decorate a top by myself, and wear it in my video, which shows my respect to Alexander McQueen. I was also inspired by one of his collection The Night Knight. Therefore, I took that kind of mood into my video. Each six scenes shows the thing that I image he would like to do inside of my body. For example, meditation and some dramatic movements. I used a lot of samples that relates with Alexander McQueen. Such as white roses, fabric, mannequin, cotton, and feathers. I project two of his most famous fashion show on the screen and let the cloth project on top of my black top, then act like I was the one who doing the cat walk. I found this special way to commemorate Alexander McQueen. I believe he will like keep doing fashion if he is still alive.

This is such a great honour that I can do my final project memorial of one of my favourite artist. I wish we can all remember him, because he is a treasure in both art and fashion world.

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