First-Semester Reflection

I think I learned many new things from my first semester. My courses are well connection with each others. Also, I made couple artwork that I like a lot. Research from seminar class is very helpful for finding the inspirations to the studio class. For example, The High Line project. I was not know anything/background informations and history about The High Line, then the group research from seminar class was really helped me to create a story that relate with the history of High Line for my studio class. I had get in touched with many different kinds of materials from my space class. Also, I learned how to use Premier, Photoshop, and Illustrator from my classes.

There are two project that I like the most from this semester. First is the Artist memorial from studio class. I was doing my favour designer Alexander McQueen. I have so much things to say about him. I had over ten sketches for this project. I was having a hard time to figure out which one can be the best Memorial for him. At the end, I almost combined my ideas into one video. I spend 5 hours for shooting, and 4 hours for cutting the video. It was such a honour for me to do a memorial for Alexander McQueen as my final project. Secondly, there is one paper that I wrote for my ESL 1700 class that I like a lot. I wrote a compare and contrast paper of Yayoi Kusama by using Chicago formate. I researched her artworks, then compared her style from her early work and later work. How her style changed while she experience the different things in her life.

After first semester classes, I learned that a good art work is not only the work itself but also the meaning behind of it. A thoughtful research can bring my artwork into a different level. Learning artists’ stories, and the way they create artworks can give me more inspirations of what I want to approach in my works.

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