Final project

  • Photos of the places you chose, what was of interest to you (visually or conceptually) and why
  • Documentation and explanation of your various sketches and ideas

1. Westfield World Trade Centre Mall

This building attracted me because it interested architectural shape. It looks like a white pigeon and facing to the 911 memorial museum. This building has a very high structure. There are so many people from different countries and come to visit this place. Therefore, I was looking for find out some ideas to transfer this special structure.

Shopping mall sketches

2. Bluestockings Bookstore

This place is very interesting. It is not only an old bookstore, but also a small cafe. It has a lot of second hand furniture. Little blue chair is like the signature for this store. It has many art works inside of the store as well. There does not has many people stay in the store, they usually come in pick up the book or a cup of coffee then left.

Bookstore sketches

  • Documentation of your mock-up and writing about why you chose to abstract or distort your image. Did you get inspiration from any of the ideas and techniques of other artists

I have three ideas, and all of them is going to be an abstract piece. First one is to do an expressionism painting then add text on it. Second one is without the text, and more focus on the colour. The last one is a combination between painting and collage. Finally, I decide to do my third idea. It was inspired by Robert Rauschenberg. Also, I am going to transfer the image on to the canvas by using matt medium instead of simply stick the images together.

  • A clear, straight, well-lit image of your actual final work.  What were your goals and how did you work to achieve them through visual language.

I want to create the mood that i felt from the bookstore, an old but lively feeling, and send to my audiences. Therefore, I transfer the images that I took from the store, and placed them into an disorganised way. I saw all the books placed in the bookracks with different colours, and this is where the colour comes from through the painting. The little blue chair at the centre is the main element of the painting. I did not straight paint it on to the canvas, but use a negative way to approach the chair, then it kind of blend into the background.

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