Proposal for the subway system

I believe the most important thing for a good public transportation is clean. Because there are always very crowded at the public transportation, and people come together from different places and personal background. A clean environment can reduce the spread of disease. Secondly, safety is another significant thing that needs to focus on in the future. Based on the issue that happens in the NYC subway system. I want to redesign a subway system that can solve the problem of clean and safe.

In the future, people may not need the railroad to connect the subway anymore. We can use electric in order to move the train,  which can save the space and improve the efficiency. The subway can be separated into two kinds, high speed for longer distance across the city, and low speed through the city. The high-speed subway can be put over the average level of the city, and connect by the buildings in the city, in the case to make sure it would not crush the cars or people.  The low-speed subway can be close to the road which there is no gap between the subway and the passengers.

Subway Sketch

Diagram proposal

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