Giant Brainstorm for bridge

In class brainstorm:

In the class time, I discussed my research topic with Sara, then find out a strong topic that can be interesting to research and argue.

Final brainstorm sketch:

My topic is artist uses recycled material to create artwork; in order to remind the general public about the idea of protect the environment. However issue of the global pollution is still significant. This means those artworks can not straightfully help the environment, even make the pollution become worse. Because the plastics that made into art sculpture is not able to be decompose as well as the plastic products. Most of those sculptures had only been put in the museum or gallery. Therefore, it only going to have a small amount of people to see the artwork, and they may forget the feeling when they see those artwork after month or year. 

In my studio project, I have four main ideas. Firs, I can make picture book for kids which includes sculptures, drawings, and words. This way/education can make the kids easily learned the importance of environmental pollution. Secondly, I want to design several product that close to our daily life. Something people use or see on everyday. I will put the idea of protect environment into the design by using materials like paper, wood, greens, soil, and glass. Then people will be remind by those product all the time. Thirdly, I want to make a video that can be the process of different materials decompose. Also, the video can be shot in a very artistry way and focus people’s life under smog in China. The reason I want to do a video, because it can be play in anywhere, and not only be seen in the gallery or museum. Finally, the idea is very different with the pervious three. I want to make a painting or photo collection that straightly point the idea of some art does not help to solve the problem of environmental pollution. Using my way to resist the speculation of art.

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