Reflection: Derrick Adams SANCTUARY at MAD

Derrick Adams uses multiple media to create that installation artwork to record a special period of time that happened in America. This collection was based on his research of The Green Book which wrote by Victor Hugo Green.

The Green Book is a guide to finding businesses that welcoming to African American. It includes bars, hotels, and restaurants. I was surprised that racism was such a huge problem in America, and there even an indispensable guidebook for the African American to find a safe place for their normal life.

I think the installation of this research from Derrick Adams is a success. For example, he put the copy of the businesses lists from the book on the wall of the exhibition which can make the audiences immediately feel the situation that African American experienced at that special time. The list is very detail and includes almost all the cities, districts in the American. I can tell this problem had affected the whole American. Also, I very like the little house in the corner of the exhibition. The warm light comes from the white house create a peaceful atmosphere to me. I think the purpose that Derrick Adams create this installation artwork from his research is to remind this part of history to the audiences, and how should the society reflection to those similar problems that still happening in America.

From this visit, I learned a strong artwork should base on a serious research. The artwork can be mixed with multiple media and ways. In order to transfer the idea to the audience. Art does not have to be traditional. I should create an atmosphere to attract my audiences, therefore they will pay more attention to the issue that I want to talks about.

Two pictures from the exhibition:

The wall:

The house:

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